Review: Necropolis (DVD)

Full Moon digs deep into their vault to give this grimy 80's flick filled with punkettes, satanic rituals and ectoplasm it's long awaited DVD release!

  • Director: Bruce Hickey
  • Starring: Leeanne Baker, Michael Conte, Jacquie Fritz, Andrew Bausili
  • Year: 1987
  • Runtime: 77 Minutes
  • Company: Full Moon
  • Format: DVD
  • Discs: 1
  • Video: 1.33:1 - 4:3 - Full Frame
  • Audio: English Stereo
  • Region: 0
  • Released: 10/21/2011

Necropolis is about as fast, cheap and silly as they come. Which so happens to be Full Moon's and even moreso the films included in this 'Grindhouse Collection' modus operandi. Charles Band was no doubt the Donald Trump of the home video market, acquiring, producing and releasing films under his Media Home Entertainment & Wizard Video labels, as well as theatrically through Empire Pictures. Many, if not all, Wizard Video tapes are highly collectible (thanks to their luscious cover art and big box packaging) and go for a pretty penny amongst collectors. Luckily you can now re-live or freshly experience these once analog bound obscurities thanks to the DVD debut of the aptly titled 'Grindhouse Collection'.
Necropolis capitalizes on the satanic craze that was sweeping the nation and possessing teenagers during the 80's, centering on satan worshiping witch Eva (Leeanne Baker) who's been reincarnated in grimy 1987 New York as a motorcylce riding punkette after being burned at the stake 300 years prior. Eva spends her time telepathically convincing low lifes to commit suicide, soul sucking druggie scum and multiplying her tits so she can feed her cult of zombie minions with their daily dose of ectoplasm. Hot on her trail is a reincarnated trio who's ancestors slayed Eva, something they too must do before she can unleash Hell on Earth.
This is a murky film, aesthetically and physically. It's obvious low budget gives it a dream like atmosphere that compliments it and adds an odd layer of enjoyability that only films of this ilk can give. The locations certainly give off a down & dirty feel, with New York looking like a grainy sleaze palace with a heaping dose of fog. Seriously, half the budget must have went to fog machines. If that didn't have you hooked, let me line & sinker you with the added bonus of demon tits, punks, hair pop jams and a ritual dance that's equal parts burlesque and workout video. Necropolis is certified cheese and a grimy treat for fans of direct-to-video weirdness. 

  • Video
This release marks the DVD debut of Necropolis, previously only available on VHS from which this transfer was most certainly sourced from. A disclaimer before the film begins explains that the films part of this new 'Grindhouse Collection' are culled from either really rough film elements or from decades old VHS/tape masters due to no other materials being available. Necropolis definitely fits the latter bill with a down and dirty 1.33:1 sized transfer that is unmistakeably retro viewing. There aren't aren't any pesky tracking marks thankfully but pitch black colors submerge the picture, especially during exterior night time scenes with some speckles popping up every now and again.. If you like VHS transfers without having to mess with your VCR's tracking knob, this DVD is for you. 
  • Audio
The sole English Stereo track sounds just like it's coming right out of your parents old Magnavox tube. Audio can be hard to distinguish at times but the on screen ineptitude makes up for it. The synth soundtrack is glorious although sounds like it's being played from inside of an empty can, it's lo-fi bliss.

Bonus Features
  • Intro - Charles Band
Full Moon head honcho Charles Band gives some insight about the creation of this 'Grindhouse Collection' and reminisces about the makings of many of the films productions, with some particularly hilarious anecdotes about hairy vagina's and on set anecdotes.
  • Featurette - "Grindhouse Collection"
A brief run down of all the titles from the 'Grindhouse Collection' with video clips which includes Zombiethon, Mutant Hunt, Savage Island, Auditions, Filmgore, The Best of Sex and Violence, Dreamaniac, White Slave and lastly Famous T&A.
  • Trailers

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