Review: Street Sharks - The Complete Series (DVD)

Mill Creek brings the complete series of the 90's jawsome cartoon, Street Sharks, to DVD for the first time!

  • Director: Misc.
  • Starring: Ripster, Jab, Streex, Big Slammu
  • Year: 1994-1995
  • Runtime: 14 Hr 47 Minutes
  • Company: Mill Creek
  • Format: DVD
  • Discs: 4
  • Video: 1.33:1 - 4:3 - Full Frame
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
  • Region: 1 - NTSC
  • Released: 2/19/2013

When an evil genetic-engineer, Dr. Paradigm, illegally experiments with an untested DNA genetic formula, four brothers are accidentally transformed into monstrous half shark – half humans! Delighted with his success, the diabolical madman seeks to alter nature and tailor all humanity into sea creatures of his own design and control! The Bolton brothers – John, Bobby, Coop and Clint – team up to stop Dr. Paradigm and his deadly Seaviates from transforming the citizens of Fission City into mutants with no free will. So hold onto your fins as the heroic Street Sharks kick some serious fin as well as satisfying their voracious appetites in all 40 jawsome episodes!
A major staple in my Saturday morning cartoon viewing block as a youngster, the Complete Series of  Street Sharks finally makes it's way onto DVD and back into my nostalgia loving heart. More of a kid friendly, innuendo-less version of Troma's quite hilarious Toxic Crusaders cartoon, Street Sharks is another animated series centered around mutated heroes fighting off a crazed scientist and his army of monster goons while spouting anthropomorphic puns. It's fun, it's goofy, and mostly importantly it's giant sharks riding giant vehicles with an arch villain named Dr. Piranoid. Fellow video-heads, cartoons are a wonderful thing!

Here's a breakdown of all the episodes included:

Disc 1
  • Sharkbait (Mini-Series Part 1)
  • Sharksbite (Mini-Series Part 2)
  • Sharkstorm (Mini-Series Part 3) 
  • Shark Quest
  • Lone Shark
  • Shark ’N Roll
  • Fresh Water Sharks
  • Shark Treatment
  • Road Shark 
  • Shark Fight
  • Bonus Episode: C.O.P.S. - The Case of the Boy Who Cried Sea Monster
 Disc 2
  • Sky Sharks 
  • Shark of Steel
  • Shark Source
  • Jurassic Shark
  • Sir Shark-A-lot
  • Shark to the Future
  • First Shark
  • Rebel Sharks 
  • Space Sharks 
  • A Shark Among Us
Disc 3
  • To Shark or Not to Shark
  • Eco Shark 
  • Close Encounters of the Shark Kind
  • Satellite Sharks 
  • Cave Sharks 
  • Shark Wars 
  • The Sharkfather 
  • Shark Hunt 
  • Card Sharks 
  • Shark-Jacked
Disc 4
  • Turbo Shark 
  • 20,000 Sharks Under the Sea 
  • Ancient Sharkonauts 
  • Sharkotic Reaction 
  • Sand Sharks 
  • Shark Quake 
  • Super Shark 
  • Jungle Sharks 
  • Trojan Sharks 
  • Shark-Apolypse Now

  • Video
Almost 20 years after it's television debut, Mill Creek brings the Complete Series of Street Sharks to DVD! The 40 episode series is spread over 4 discs, with 8 eps per disc. The standard 1.33:1 broadcast ratio is intact, and looks just as you'd expect a 90's cartoon to look like. Specks will pop up from time to time, colors are decent, and compression doesn't seem to be an issue. All and all, Street Sharks transition to DVD is satisfying.
  • Audio
The Dolby Mono mix sounds just as if it were coming from your old square tube. It's soft, but you'll be able to hear your favorite sharks shred the streets.

Bonus Features
  • Bonus Episode - C.O.P.S.
  • An episode from the 80's law enforcement cartoon C.O.P.S. is included, titled "The Case of the Boy Who Cried Sea Monster".