Review: Lust For Freedom (DVD)

Vinegar Syndrome first release from the vaults of Troma is the women-in-prison cult film, Lust For Freedom!

  • Director: Eric Louzil
  • Starring: Melanie Coll
  • Year: 1987
  • Runtime: 91 Mins
  • Company: Vinegar Syndrome VS-035
  • Format: DVD
  • Discs: 1
  • Video: 1.85:1 - 16:9 - Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono
  • Region: 0 - NTSC
  • Released: 4/8/2014

Special Agent Gillian Kaites is sad. Her boyfriend was just gunned down in front of her after an undercover sting went awry, leading her to sob uncontrollably while a goon throws down a grenade that sends LUST FOR FREEDOM flying at the screen. This is also our first taste of heavy metal band Grim Reaper's title theme of the same name. You won't soon forget this because it is played every thirty seconds. Anyways, in order to get her life back on track, Kaites leaves her life of serving & protecting behind to pursue her dream of driving around deserted towns. There's a lot of voice narration that confirms this. She eventually runs into an escapee of a women's prison camp, and soon finds herself an inmate thanks to a crooked sheriff and a pair of rapey van owners.
Queue the usual women-in-prison tropes: naked showers, vicious cat fights, a pervy warden, a much appreciated mount of T&A, and the glorious visage that is a machine gun-armed woman mowing down evil men. This is LUST FOR FREEDOM, and it makes no qualms about it. You seen this stuff all before, but that doesn't mean this isn't worth your time. Would you be satisfied with just seeing a single pair of breasts your whole life, in a world with billions of pairs of breasts? No, no you wouldn't, nor shouldn't, and that applies to women-in-prison films. Lucky for you, LUST FOR FREEDOM has a pretty gratuitous amount of what makes these kinds of films so special.

  • Video
LUST FOR FREEDOM was shot in 16mm, and then blown up to 35mm for theatrical distribution. Vinegar Syndrome has taken that original negative and scanned it in 2K for this DVD-only release with great results. The transfer is grainy as expected (see: wanted), with colors popping quite nicely, and detail that would surely look even better on Blu-ray.
  • Audio
Mono is all that's here, but it's just fine. You'll be able to hear Grim Reaper's title theme "Lust For Freedom" with no problem, all 79 time it's played...

Bonus Features
  • Audio Commentary - Director Eric Louzil
Louzil's commentary is mostly a narration of everything happening onscreen. He provides some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about filming, but it's pretty few and far between.
  • Interview - Producer/Distributor Lloyd Kaufman
Kaufman is surprisingly not the eccentric salesman here as one would usually expect (a couple quick mentions are made of RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH VOL. 1 & 2, but understandably so). This ten minute interview talks about the production of LUST FOR FREEDOM, the hiring of director Eric Louzil (who'd go on to helm CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH 2 & 3), and more.
  • Theatrical Trailer



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